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Given it all season playability, your outdoor games have more sports flooring options
with exceptional appearance and safeties.

With our delicate manufacturing design works and enormous extreme tests, we present you our trendy
outdoor sports surfaces.

The Matrice

Matrice Advance is a versatile polypropylene surface designed as the bridge connecting public sports with private sector of
sports. Its unique material and characteristics make it as an ultimate solution for areas in schools,
recreation centers and private back yard.

Matrice Advance guarantees its outstanding quality through scientific engineering design, raw material selection,
manufacturing technology improvement and powered by Chinese Artisan Spirit.
The back bone of any sports court tiles, “ the simple the better” .


With millions times of testing and detailed adjustments in millimeters, Benow Buckling Technology makes “easy installation” the easiest.


Systematic engineering in terms of bottom support unit, support network and integral court connection.

Matrice Advance consider all factors as a whole, simply aiming at stable and supportive.

We are picky in terms of raw material selection, Matrice Advance starts from strictly raw material studies. The properties of polypropylene depend on the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, crystallinity, type and proportion of comonomer and the isotacticity.

With its well developed engineering design, Matrice Advance emphasizes unit support as the basic idea in order to approach systematic stability.After all, sports court tiles are the “back bone” of entertainment sports, the nature of outdoor and indoor sports court tiles is multifunctional sports flooring solution. Matrice Advance gives the possibility to all kinds of professional competitions and back yard sports

Buckling System benefits the integral structure while under intensive competitions. It is a vital part of long lasting feature of Matrice Advance, the perfect slide-in angles and elastic buckle compound really did a good job in holding each piece as a whole while increasing its lateral shock absorption.Considering the installation, Benow Buckling System makes the labor work extremely easy and minimize scratches or any potential injuries to installation personnel.