PyraFlex Space G Comfort is our biggest collection of multi-use gymnasiums surface, engineered to be extremely durable under decade of performance. This trusted product offers superior resistance to beaches and rolling loads found in multi-use gymnasiums, plus PyraFlex Space G Comfort provides great sports properties to all school athletes considering safety and comfort.

The most affordable indoor cushion system for sports facility , because its well developed manufacturing technique and precise cutting requesting 50% less labor work for installation. It includes multiple colors, textures and thicknesses you could choose from.

PyraFlex Space G Comfort is also certified for high quality indoor air quality, PyraFoam technology promises no calcium added foaming technique using 100% virgin vinyl material, seriously controlled TVOC(less than 100μg/ m³) and no restricted substance under European Commission REACH.

PyraFlex EverPure

PyraFlex Space G Comfort is customizable considering the realistic needs of your sports facility, you will have the choice of surface treatment, 3D printing, up to 5 ideal textures, and even each roll length.
Ideal For Multi-Sport Facilities
The BN-Tech Surface Treatment has successfully prevented sliding scratches and abrasions due to intense training & heavy traffic. Combining with PyraSkel high glassfiber, this extra thick wearlayer is extremely durable, resulting in no risk of the floor curling or shifting under pressure from rolling loads and thermal expansion & contraction.



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