PyraFlex sounds really self-explanatory, its composition determines the applications of specific sport. Based on its scientific selection of each layer, and well consideration of each element in badminton, PyraFlex Badminton goes beyond contemporary badminton court mat. 

Product Construction

PyraFlex Badminton is the most innovative, most durable indoor badminton surface and its product range covers for all players of all skill levels, from young beginners to high-level competitive professionals.

This multi-layer, world class sports surface is available from 4.5mm thickness to 7.2mm in a easy-to-install condition. Specially embossed scrub texture for badminton provides multi-directional grabbing, while produce superior comfort and shock absorption. The secrets behind PyraFlex Badminton are our 1500D glassfiber and PyraSkel cushion foam, which tightly holds up abrasion material for years while providing ultimate shock absorption.

Perfectly avoids "ridges" and "bumps" caused by poor structural engineering. Customized logo and thickness are available for our PyraFlex Badminton.



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