PyraFlex EverPure has the most advanced surface treatment on the market, engineered to be extremely durable under decade of performance. Its amazing anti-scratching ability reduces 70% of maintenance jobs due to BN-Tech most advanced WPU material treatment. This trusted product offers superior resistance to benches and rolling loads found in multi-use gymnasiums, plus PyraFlex EverPure provides great sports properties to all levels of athletes considering shock absorption and comfort.

Maximum color options is another advantage of PyraFlex EverPure, it includes almost full color ranges you could choose from. The thickness of PyraFlex EverPure is above 5mm, and all of them have build-in double cushion layer.

PyraFlex EverPure is also certified for high quality indoor air quality, PyraFoam technology promises no calcium added foaming technique using 100% virgin vinyl material, seriously controlled TVOC(less than 100μg/ m³) and no restricted substance under European Commission REACH.

PyraFlex EverPure

Wear Resistance 8 to 10 times more than PVC film- BN-Tech most advanced WPU Treatment is 8 to 10 times stronger than conventional UV and PUR treatment. BN-Tech Treatment is water based with low VOC’s and forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane. It bonds to the top PVC film and is UV stable, in addition it contains fibre reinforcement which provides excellent tensile strength and elongation.



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