Fitness gym flooring solutions for all types of interactive practices with/without accessories, concession area, reception area and locker rooms. Reinforced top layer combined with BN-Tech Surface Treatment has greatly improved the overall appearance of Gym facility. Fartlek’s innovative manufacturing secret- PUR treated Homogeneous Vinyl wearlayer emerged with plastic-coated fabric, supported by non-foam, extreme dense hexagon backing.

Design & Color

A wide spectrum of saturated hues offers maximum design factors catering the needs for professional, high-tech, environmental friendly, creative, enthusiastic images for different business owners. Add in EPDM granules and BN-Tech PUR treatment makes Fartlek Gym Motion even shinning and fashion.

Safety Criteria

Fartlek Gym Motion provides safety characteristics in terms of Flammability, DOP & Toxic content control,and TVOC emission in 28 day results.

No restricted substance under European Commission REACH.


A sensational peening process following lacquer PUR application delivers durable performance and a high resistance to chemicals, scratches and stains.

The evenly distributed high density plastic coated fabric offers exceptional dimensional stability in all season; it won’t expand or shrink.

The high density non-foam backing is designed in hexagon shape which greatly improved the adhesion to the ground.

Technology & Sustainability

State-of-the-art plastic coated fabric and consistent control of raw material ensure a constant quality, while giving the promise of 100% recyclable.

Fartlek Gym Motion contributes to a healthy indoor environment by offering its full product line as phtalate free, non DOP, Non heavy metal substance and VOT free.

Fartlek Gym Motion



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