Stay Fitted, Stay Incomplete

Fartlek Gym is aiming to create dynamic fitness flooring solution, its core concept focuses on providing integral designs and products for all Gyms, allowing trainers to switch gears between different workout areas.

Fartlek exclusively dedicated to the non-stop club flooring solution, specialized in each
specific activity, and emphasize on healthy well-being.

Indentation Free

In comparison with conventional gym floor, Fartlek Gym Exclusive floor stays in shape bearing heavy weight for years.

Due to its plastic-coated fabric reinforcement, Fartlek Gym extremely decreases the vertical deformation no bigger than 0.1mm.

Scratches Free

Fartlek Gym have been digging in advanced UV protection and PUR reinforcement through millions of tests and upgrades. Meanwhile, its high resistance characteristics perfectly support treadmills, rowers, exercise bikes or any kind of cardio machines.

VOC Free

Fartlek Gym products exclusively dedicated to the health club world-wide. Its careful selection of plasticizer (DOTP) secures VOC emission to less than 100μg/ m³, along with manufacturing process, we subjoin novel absorbents in order to eliminate uncomfortable odors. Fartlek Gym stands out dealing with Asthma and allergic problems.

Product Selection

100% none toxic recycled rubber products are of our proud. We cover your gym and fitness center in the way that emphasizes health and environmental friendly. Healthy life is always the trend worldwide, Fartlek Gym solution gives you a reason to find a better you by strictly complementing zero foot print to the environment and creatively designed atmosphere.

Indoor air quality is the priority in every Fartlek Gym. rubber based material is the number one factor leaves indoor air quality vulnerable, while with Fartlek Gym Rubber rolling mat and Rubber loose lay tiles, you would hardly smell rubber odors.

The secret behind our product is the carefully selection of our recycle rubbers, and strict recycling restrictions. From the manufacturing side, Fartlek Gym utilize range of hoods to minimize the amount of pollutants enters in the working sites; Panel filters devices are deployed in reducing the concentration of out going dust from stack; Coalescing filters were used for the separation of oily mist found in the fumes; Activated carbon filters for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC); Scrubber in case of acid gas produced at high temperature; Thermal oxidizer in case of high concentration of VOC.

Touch, smell and feel the difference of our rubbers, not only for its hidden benefits, discover our Fartlek creative designs and high performance properties.



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