Product Selection

Benow Sports remains the only flooring manufacturer excessively dedicated to each sports section, a specialization that gives Benow Sports Flooring optimal sports performance, contentiously upgraded material and solid quality control.

BN-TECH Innovations

BN-Tech Surface

BN-Tech Surface treatment is how we discover the differentiation of sports. It utilizes a combination of surface treatment into wide spectrum of sports;

Div I
WPU transparent extreme abrasion resistant layer
Div II
PUR treated wear layer
UV treated wear layer


PyraSkel is a complex solution aims for structural stability, shock absorption, energy return and indentation resistance;

PyraSkel I
Fiber Glass Grid
PyraSkel II
Polyester Mesh
PyraSkel III
PET Fabric


Most advanced foaming technology emphasizes calcium element free, low VOC, anti-bacterial, anti- fungus;
Provide optimal shock absorption while getting back to its original shape;
Maximize performance properties for each sport

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