Benow Sports Goods

Established in 2017, Benow Sports Goods aims at the integration of research, innovation, manufacturing, sales, installation, after-sales services and provide customers with an ultimate sports flooring solution in the filed of all sports flooring. Benow Sports has been recognized as “National Hi-tech Enterprise”, “ China High Reputation Sports Flooring Brand”, “Eminence of Hebei Province”, “Leading Enterprise of Hebei Sports Industry” and many other continuous achievements. It is Benow’s efforts that win the recognition from its partners and clients all over the world.

With 10 years of in depth technology advancing and material innovation in the industry, Benow Sports divides its products by performance and specificity,creating PyraFlex PVC, Matrix Advance court tile, Fartlek Gym homogeneous and rubber bases matting, satisfying professional sports and amateur leagues respectively .

Benow Sports segments its products into 4 major categories which are PVC Flooring, Court Tiles Suspension System, Customized Graphic Flooring, and Modern Gym environmental friendly rubber. Being able to serve international top events, sports venue, kids flooring and recreation centers, anti-slippery surface,and exclusive dancing flooring with more than 300 products.In order to continuously carry out innovative material and products, Benow aligns with Chinese Sports Flooring Manufacturing Union, undergoing enormous researches, all dimensional evaluations, new product testing and product upgrading. To create better business opportunities and unique service experience in the international market, Benow Sports has strategically established India, Indonesia, Malaysia distribution networks which triggered local sales significantly.

Emphasizing “Quality Control and Customer Service” is always Benow’s core concept. In order to create brand value, boost innovations and enhance absolute competitive power, Benow has been investing in advanced manufacture Assets,testing equipment, and exceeding industrial standard control. Through Benow’s strict quality controls, it has meet and even exceeded all the standards regulated by ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and SGS, international quality management authorities which conduct tests over 160 categories and provide full rang of quality, environmental statistics.

Based on it’s Brand value, marketing advantages and well developed managing system, Benow Sports will keep aiming at sports material innovation, manufacturing technology, integrated sales.Emphasizing artisan spirit, creating Chinese Innovated, and ultimately standout in the world market is Benow Sports’ ambition.


Bottom-up mindset
new office initiating from 2017
Benow sports has expand its single product
line to all sports
integrates R&D, manufacture, sales,
world-wide services in one
aims at the best choice for all sports
today we have the passion and eager
to convert “Made in china” to
“Innovated in China”


Corporate culture generate all possiblese
stablished in a compact office in 2007
Benow recognized corperate culture is the
generator for all possibles.
It is thanks to creators of Benow sports and
every employee, Benow sports has been
injected with the spirit of eagle,
which triggers every one of us to be
moreunited, innovative, efficient and persistant.
It is thanks to our eagle corporate
culturewe refined the standards of sports
flooring go beyond the qualityAnd standout
in integrated services


Based on enormous data and analysis
we emphasis young in mind passionate
works sprawled all over the world
we fulfil our mission by segmenting
products to all sports and in diversity
aspects originated from our intense works
we listen.
We innovate
the products that
give you the best solution

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